Specialist Recruitment at Bespoke Prices

We are delighted that you have visited our website to learn how we can add value to your business. The Talent Boutique was established to service a particular corner of the market – supporting all levels of recruitment for small and medium businesses. We also offer executive search options for larger enterprises.

Not Your Average Agency

At The Talent Boutique, we are different from our corporate competitors in almost every way. We do not believe in fixed working hours as the candidate market comes alive after 6 pm. We tailor our diary weekly to our specific account needs and the availability of our candidates.

The only KPIs, targets and deadlines we work to are our clients. Long gone are the days of having to interview a certain number of candidates weekly to satisfy a KPI at head office, or dropping the search process for your next hire because it is time to make sales calls.

We are a unique service provider, and all that matters to us is our placement success and adding value to your business. Almost all our clients find us from a referral or long-standing business relationship. So it’s fair to say our service speaks for itself.

What about pricing?

  • We believe we can add value to your business without charging the earth
  • We will price according to your specific needs
  • We can aid small and medium businesses in their growth strategies by reducing their annual agency spend
  • We offer a competitive rebate scheme along-side our reasonable prices as we stand by our service

Give us a try and save money!

If this is the first time working with The Talent Boutique, we offer a discounted first placement to show you what we can do before putting a longer-term fee agreement in place.